Tuesday, December 17, 2013

welcome to my closet.

i'm not one to venture out on black friday
but man, get me behind a computer on cyber monday
and there's no stopping me.

i've definitely done some damange to my wallet lately
but i spent the majority half of the year on such a strict budget
(that's what planning a wedding for 200 will do to ya)
and i felt like i deserved a few new things.
i recently added these things to my closet
and i just love each and every thing so much.
also, to celebrate my official name change
i went ahead and got myself a cute delicate necklace 
so i remember my new initial...
just in case i forget.

someone help me and my wallet.

don't be shy


Brittany said...

I want that flannel shirt and the coat!

Taylor said...

your necklace….is perfect.
loving the outfits you have! closet envy!


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