Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 goals.

every year it's the same thing.
i make a few resolutions/goals,
stick with them for a few months
and then poof...they're gone.
i'm hoping this year will be a bit different.

back in december my husband and i had a short discussion
on what we would like to accomplish individually and together 
during our first year of marriage.
i decided to not be so strict on myself
and set some realistic-to-me "goals" for the year...
and here they are!

i'm excited for what this year will bring -
particularly a hopeful trip to asia!!!
it's something we've been talking about for years -
my husband lived in china after college
and has been itching to go back to that side of the world.
and because i'm not one to pass up a once in a lifetime trip,
we've already put together a budget
and if all goes as planned
we'll be celebrating our one year anniversary in asia!

a few other important goals i've set
is unplugging more on the weekends 
(i think we can all do this more!)
and having a monthly "yes" day,
which was stolen from megan.

i'm ready for you, 2014.

do you have any resolutions/goals
for the new year?
if so, do share!

don't be shy


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