Sunday, January 12, 2014

mr. and mrs. h - the rehearsal dinner

the day before our wedding felt very surreal.
i spent the morning dropping everything off at the hotel
and helping my parents stuff some of the welcome boxes.
then my MOH and best friend checked in
and we left to get our nails and hair did.
(got my first blowout at the dry bar!)

and then before we knew it
it was time to head back to the hotel,
put on our party dresses,
go downstairs to do the rehearsal with the officiant
and then head off to dinner!

gable boxes {the container store}
custom stickers {etsy}

  checked out the cocktail hour/reception space while they were starting to set up!
started to feel very REAL!

our rehearsal dinner was a very special night.
we shared the night with our closest friends and family
who traveled near and far to be a part of our special day.

a few highlights from the night 
was a picture slideshow of my husband and me
 that my father-in-law put together
and surprising my husband with a "grooms" cake 
(he loves hockey and german chocolate!)

it was such an overwhelming night full of love, laughter, and lots of wine (!),
something i will cherish forever.

grooms cake

brunettes have more fun.

last picture before mr. and mrs.!

and can we just talk about blowouts for a second?
this is how my hair looked on the morning of my wedding....!
it was still perfect after 8 3 hours of sleep
so obviously i had to document it.
i mean - can you say amazing?!

don't be shy



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